Door and window awnings serve an important role on the exterior of homes. Beyond offering efficiency benefits and aesthetic appeal, these structures serve to secure you and your guests from inclement weather as well as protect the facade of your property. If you live in New Jersey, you’ll need this security and protection throughout the year — the provided shade provides relief in the bright Garden State summer months while keeping you dry in wet weather of winter and spring. However, with Mother Nature comes concerns of wind, rain, and snow. Each of these elements put excess strain on your awning, and if you’ve got a poorly manufactured awning or had an unqualified team of installers, it is possible for the awning to be damaged or destroyed.

That’s why it’s important to insist on quality, durable materials and correct installations. If your poorly installed or manufactured awning has collapsed or suffered damage this winter, it’s best to take care of it in the immediate. If the awning or its hardware is still attached to your home, best case, it causes additional damage to your facade; worst case, it can put your family at risk of injury. In these awning emergency situations, it’s best to call in the experts of Weathercraft. Our emergency awning services include immediate removal of damaged awnings and timely replacement with a high-quality Weathercraft awning.

Seasonal Damage Drives Need for Efficient Awning Repair

With regular snow storms that can include ice, your awning could take a real beating. An awning is actually installed to protect openings from debris and offer a safer entry; however, without a quality awning installation, it won’t be able to meet this need. Snow load damaging to awnings that are not manufactured by qualified professionals, like Weathercraft, is a repeat issue we see in the winter. The root of the problem is often flimsy material that just can’t handle the elements. Other times, the installation has not followed best practices. High winds can also damage awnings, which is a great possibility for the New Jersey area in winter and spring storms. High gusts can peel off awning material that isn’t robust or installed properly.

When something does occur, it’s critical to find an awning provider with emergency services. Weathercraft offers emergency awning service to save your home from disarray. We can quickly assess the damages and develop a plan to get your home back in order. This plan includes both the safe removal of the damaged or destroyed awning and timely replacement with a quality Weathercraft awning. Produced with the highest quality materials and installed by reputable and skilled installers, there will be no need to worry about the integrity of your replacement.

Take advantage of affordable and efficient awning replacement from Weathercraft. Learn more about our 40+ year awning company history and contact us to learn more about our residential and commercial services.