Smart New Jersey homeowners and shopkeepers have been taking advantage of the energy savings and curb appeal provided by awnings. So, you’ve decided to join the rankings and install an awning or awnings of your own. You’ve seen different types of awnings for your home – canvas awnings, aluminum awnings, even retractable awnings – but you’re not quite sure what to choose for your own property. Here are some considerations to help you make a better-informed choice for your property.

Pros and Cons of Canvas vs. Aluminum for Awnings

When it comes to choosing fabric or metal for your awning(s), it will come down to a few factors. At Weathercraft, we have experience with both and are happy to walk you through the detail of each.

Canvas Aluminum
Price Cost to purchase and install lower per square foot in general, but costs can rise significantly if you choose more expensive fabric and decorative brackets/braces. Higher initial cost for material (fabrication) and installation in general;
varying prices depending on metal
awning styles.
Durability Good quality canvas withstands most elements. Practically impervious to sun, rain, and time.
Maintenance Sun may fade fabric; wear and tear from weather, etc.; may have to clean to prevent mildew. May need replacing in a few years, depending on conditions and wear. Built to last the life of your home. Rust-proof, sun-proof. Rainwater flows more easily to ground so no water build-up. Brackets/braces may require replacing but can be DIY.
Energy Savings Can lower temperature up to 15 degrees, saving money on heating and air conditioning. More drastic cuts to energy use in most cases.
Customization  Fabrics come in a variety of colors and patterns, and awning styles Aluminum is usually painted with enamel paint – can complement the colors of home’s exterior.

Other things to factor in include: whether your awnings are for your windows, door, or deck; how often you might want to change up the look; and how many you plan to get. You may also opt for retractable canvas awnings so you can keep the fabric protected and out of the sunlight on milder days or when your patio or deck are not in use.

Solid Awning Advice from Your Awning Installation Company in NJ

Weathercraft has been installing awnings for more than 40 years, providing expert advice to customers about the best styles, materials, and options for their lifestyles, needs, and budgets. Whether masterfully installing you brand new awning or helping you choose from different types of retractable awnings, Weathercraft has the know-how and dedication to ensure that you have high quality, durable, energy efficient awnings that make your home look beautiful.

Contact us for an expert consultation or if you have any questions – we’d be happy to help you choose the perfect awnings for you.