Storefront awnings have much more of an effect on a business than one might realize. In many cases, storefront canopies and awnings add to a company’s brand by exemplifying the persona of the business. They also tend to “stick out” when shoppers are milling about, so they may have a positive effect on foot traffic. With Weathercraft’s extensive industry experience in the commercial sector, you’ll be sure to find the perfect commercial storefront awnings for you.

Choosing a Storefront Awning to Enhance Your Brand

You have a surprisingly large selection of awnings and canopies to suit all sorts of storefront designs for retail shops. From color to style to size, there are many options, which can be overwhelming. To optimize the positive effect your awning will have and to reap all of their benefits, consider these store front design ideas and tips.

  1. Identify the main function(s) of your awning. This will help you narrow down materials and colors. For example, if one of the purposes of the storefront awning is to cool down the temperature of your store, you would likely opt for a lighter color to reflect the sun’s rays.
  2. Check township requirements. Make sure you are aware of any township requirements or necessary building permits for your area. In some cases, municipal requirements may affect your choice of design, material, or color.
  3. Look for designs that complement the style, paint, and architecture of the building. Even though you want to catch the shoppers’ eyes, you also want your storefront to appear polished. Don’t go crazy with clashing colors or patterns.
  4. Do look for colors and designs that reflect your business persona. For example, for a chic and serene jewelry store, you might choose an opulent but tasteful jewel tone. For a candy store, playful, bright colors, even stripes may be appropriate. Make sure the visual is consistent with your brand.
  5. Complement the interior of your store, too. Treat the storefront canopy like an extension of your store.
  6. Take your environment into account. Are you in the middle of a wind tunnel, or somewhere where the weather doesn’t quite affect you? You may need to consider getting a sturdier material.
  7. Remember your budget. This is a parameter that is likely not as flexible. Storefront canopies come in a variety of designs and colors, so you’ll probably find a few designs that are suitable for your bottom line.

Let the Experts Help You Find the Perfect Storefront Awning Design

At Weathercraft, we can work with you to come up with the best commercial storefront awning for your objectives. We’ve been in this industry for 40 years, so we’ve gotten to know a lot of businesses and have installed many storefront awnings. In addition to the above tips, we’re pleased to discuss any other considerations that may help you make the best decision!

Check out our image gallery to see a sample of what we’re capable of. Would you like to see some designs and colors in person? We invite you to visit our showroom in Emerson, NJ or contact us to discuss the specifications of your business!