Want to enjoy your morning coffee on an autumn day without getting wet? Or enjoy something cold without suffering the full heat of the sun? Then an awning may be the right solution, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors even in inclement weather. Awnings don’t only provide shade during the day, they also create a cost-effective outdoor living space, extending your family home, taking full advantage of your garden area. There are a lot of awning styles to choose from and choosing the right awning can dramatically change the look and feel of your existing living space, creating a relaxing and social atmosphere for all your family to enjoy.

If you’ve decided to improve your home by installing one of our stylish yet affordable awnings, here’s a few awning style factors to consider before making your final decision.

Picking the Right Style

Lifestyle TV programs are always recommending that you should make the most of the space that you’ve got and for an increasing number of homeowners, this means using their gardens as a natural extension of the home. Marrying the outdoor space with the indoor space is easy when you choose the right style.

Do you want your awning to be a permanent feature or retractable for those days when you want to let the light in? Are you trying to create a chic, contemporary look with a straight hem, a bold statement with a patterned canopy, or just looking for a traditional scalloped awning? Whatever your preferred style, our experienced staff at Weathercraft can take you through all the options so that you can make an informed choice.

Picking the Right Color

The color of your new awning is just as important as the style when creating that perfect outdoor space. Do you want your awning to blend seamlessly with your house’s sidings or match that garden furniture you just had to have? Do you like bold colors and patterns or prefer muted, plain colors? Whatever your preference we are here to help you choose your perfect match.

Picking the Right Size

The size of your new awning will depend on its purpose and the overall size of your outdoor space. A small retractable awning can look great as a decorative piece over windows or doors whereas a bigger awning provides greater coverage and can be used to create the outdoor living space you are looking for. Our experts are on hand to discuss any questions you may have regarding the right awning for your outdoor space.

Picking the Right Protection

Awnings come in a range of shapes, sizes and finishes. Some awnings only have a canopy, leaving the sides exposed while others have side protection in addition to the main awning canopy. Choosing the right level of protection from the sun and elements is key to creating a relaxing and safe outdoor area for your family to enjoy.