commercial awning is a wonderful addition to your restaurant or cafe for many reasons. Not only do storefront or window awnings serve as a bright and visible marker, helping your storefront visually stand out to new and potential customers, but they can also cut costly businesses expenses and utility bills. At the benefit of New Jersey restaurants, cafes, bars, and bakeries, Weathercraft offers a variety of awnings – both metal and retractable fabric options – suited to the style and persona of your establishment. No matter which option you choose, you and your customers will reap the benefits, creating a more successful business.

Ways Storefront Awnings can Support your Business

Custom Awnings to Expand Business Branding

Awnings are the perfect way to advertise your restaurant and create awareness. By incorporating your business colors, or simply a palette that matches the exterior or your facility, you can boost curb appeal and distinguish yourself from others on the block. In addition to standing out to customers who may already be looking for your establishment, an awning can attract passersby who may be unfamiliar with your business. That means more customers and more revenue!

Commercial Awnings for New Ways to Serve Customers

Both a retractable fabric or metal awning can expand the space of your facility by providing a shaded outdoor area for customers to enjoy their lunch, cappuccino, or pastry. Effectively, it serves as a patio enclosure, capable of protecting al fresco diners from any unexpected inclement weather. Beyond catering to those who prefer sitting outside in the fresh air, commercial awnings can help to protect your entranceway from weather conditioning. That means securing your chalkboard sidewalk sign from the elements, as well as keeping your out-the-door line of customers comfortable.

The Return on Investment of Storefront Awnings

Metal restaurant awnings and retractable cafe awnings can help lower energy costs, leading to an impressive return on investment. Allow just enough natural light into your building, while eliminating direct sunlight, which can overheat your interior and lead to high energy bills. Plus, an awning can help to protect your outdoor and indoor furniture from harsh UV rays that cause fabrics to fade. That means more curb appeal and a more welcoming interior that customers will love coming back to.

Experience the Difference of Weathercraft Commercial Awnings

Enhance your brand and business by taking advantage of our decades-worth of experience in commercial awnings for restaurants, cafes, and other commercial establishments. Weathercraft has the necessary expertise to help your business select and install an awning that is best suited to the needs of your operations and your customers. Experience the Weathercraft awning difference, and see how it can help expand your business.

Contact Weathercraft today to get info on installing your very own awning and see what a change it can make. You may also visit our showroom to see our broad selection of styles and color options.