To many, a commercial entrance or doorway canopy may simply seem like an aesthetically pleasing extension to the building, helping a storefront stand out while showcasing the personality of the business. While commercial awnings can be customized and come in all sorts of colors and patterns, they actually serve a more important function than simply creating an attractive entryway – especially as we approach the unpredictable winter weather of New Jersey!

Through Rain & Snow… Commercial Awnings Have You Covered

Northeastern New Jersey sees quite a lot of precipitation during the cooler fall and winter months. Whether in the event of an unexpected rain shower or a much-anticipated snowstorm, a commercial door walkway cover can provide much-needed relief. Still, even in these instances, it is not simply a matter of convenience. Safety, for your customers, employees, and business, is secured.

Put Safety First with Door Awnings and Covers

In times of inclement weather, commercial door awnings are a preventative measure when it comes to slips and falls. By keeping the area beneath them clear and dry, awnings prevent the formation of puddles and impede ice and rain from making the ground slick.

For businesses, this means protecting both customers and employees. Slips, trips, and falls are the second largest cause of worker fatalities, preceded only by motor vehicle accidents. Fortunately, many of these slips, trips, and falls are preventable by simple measures. One of the easiest being the presence of a door canopy.

Avert Legal Liability Issues without a Second Thought

Preventing slips and falls not only protects your workers and clients, but your business, as well. If a staff member is injured in the workplace, you may be faced with worker compensation claims, which may affect your insurance. If your customers are injured, you may be facing damage to your reputation and personal injury lawsuits. There’s no denying that litigation can be very costly! If a negligence suit can be avoided by a relatively simple action, it only makes sense to implement the remedy.

Keeping Staff and Customers Comfortable

Providing shelter from the rain and snow also has more subtle benefits that can greatly help your business. Employees with higher morale are more efficient and effective. Helping them stay dry and comfortable will only help your operations run more smoothly. Moreover, keeping your customers and clients secure makes shopping and negotiations more positive.

Of course, during the hotter months, commercial door awnings provide well-appreciated shade from the burning sun – making them an invaluable, all-year asset.

Commercial building awnings are a cost-effective way to help protect your bottom line. With decades of industry experience, Weathercraft is your go-to for commercial door awning installation in NJ. Not only can we work with you to find the awning that will best enhance your brand, we can install it expediently and professionally. Contact us today – let’s get to work!