If you’re looking for the perfect accessory to complement your backyard, a motorized retractable deck awning could be just the ticket. While the versatility of retractable awnings is clear, many New Jersey homeowners are hesitant to choose them because the upfront cost can be higher than regular outdoor awnings. However, while they are an investment, these awnings can actually help you save money in the long run, in more ways than one! Within our 40 years of experience, Weathercraft has witnessed homeowners take advantage of the following benefits, thanks to the installation of a motorized retractable awning.

Experience the Benefits of Retractable Patio & Deck Awnings

1. Lower Energy Costs

The added shade of a retractable motorized awning can help to lower your energy costs. How? On warm, sunny days, you can extend the awning to provide additional shade to your home and keep it cooler inside. This means your A/C unit doesn’t have to work as hard. In the winter months, you can close the awning, a feature you can only experience with a retractable option. This allows the sun to warm your home, thus decreasing heating expenses. All homeowners know the struggle of trying to achieve the perfect temperature in their home, and anything that helps to lower overall energy costs can lead to huge savings over time.

2. Protection for Indoor and Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is exposed to many different elements, from sun and wind to rain and snow. Minimizing sun exposure on both indoor and outdoor furniture with a customized patio awning can prevent fabric from fading. Meanwhile, wet conditions from an unexpected shower can lead to mold growth on outdoor cushions. A motorized retractable awning can help preserve and protect your furniture from these conditions, helping to prolong their life and eliminate the need for frequent replacement.

3. Long-Lasting in Any Weather

While there’s a slightly higher initial cost with a motorized awning, they have a much longer lifespan than other outdoor awnings because of their retractable nature. If an especially bad storm hits, you can simply close the awning and protect it from potential damage. Retractable awnings are also less likely to quickly fade for the same reason, so you can keep your awning looking pristine for years to come.

Overall Savings Thanks to a Qualified New Jersey Awning Company

In addition to adding value to your home, a retractable patio awning can help your family save money in a variety of ways. Plus, when you’re backed by a team like Weathercraft, you have the added benefit of an awning company that boasts decades of experience in helping homeowners find and install awnings that are within their budgets. We invite you to visit our showroom see what we can do to transform your backyard.

Ready to experience the numerous benefits of a customized patio awning? Contact Weathercraft today to learn more about installing a deck awning on your home.