Our cars are an integral part of life. They chariot us from place to place, bring us together, and help us earn our livelihoods. When it comes time to protect them from the elements, the choice often comes down to carports vs. garages. There are a lot of advantages to custom-built carports that most people don’t think about – and the dedicated team at Weathercraft is ready to introduce you to them all!

Carport vs. Garage: Comparing Budget, Lifestyle, and Functionality

“Carport” and “garage” are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are very different structures. A carport is a structure with a roof, often used for storing one or two automobiles; it is usually attached to a house but has at least one side open to the outdoors. A garage, on the other hand, is a building – or part of a building, that is used for storing one or more automobiles and tools; it is completely enclosed. Making the decision between the two comes down to assessing your finances, your lifestyle, and your demands.

Consider Budget

Following the adage, “time is money,” carport installation makes even more sense. A dependable carport could take just a weekend to construct, and with less red tape. Erecting a garage tends to be much more complicated and time-consuming and requires different–more complex– permits. Once constructed, carports also require less maintenance, meaning you can put more time and energy into more important tasks, like relaxation.

Consider Lifestyle and Functionality

For most, a carport provides adequate protection from the elements. Additionally, since the carport has an open design and natural ventilation, the car can air dry; dampness and precipitation won’t cling onto the car for long periods of time. There is also the flexibility of adapting the carport design to fit your lifestyle. Put it beside a kitchen, and you’ve got a great outdoor dining space and convenient grocery unloading area. The carport can provide sheltered access to the house and serves as a convenient place to enjoy your morning coffee or relax. You may also opt for lattice installation on the sides of your carport, which provide the option of cultivating flowered vines to perfume the air and add to your property’s aesthetic appeal.

Qualified Custom Carport Installation for New Jersey Homeowners

With forty years of experience and knowledge in residential services, Weathercraft is a superior carport installation company in the state of New Jersey and can further discuss the differences of carports and garages. Working closely with you to develop custom carport designs and providing exceptional installation services, Weathercraft will make you a high quality, multi-functional carport to fit your needs.

Ready to experience the joy and budget-friendly benefits of a carport? Contact us or call 201-817-6347 to schedule a visit from a member of our team! Together, we’ll create a design suited your home.