Is your deck suffering from the abuses of Mother Nature? Residential decks can certainly take a beating from Garden State snow, ice, rain, and heat. If your deck shows significant signs of wear, you may need to consider deck repair or deck replacement. At Weathercraft, we do both, ensuring a quality, durable deck for you to enjoy for years to come. We repair or replace decks with a focus on delivering a stunning product that is stable and secure.

The Effects of Winter Weather on Your Deck

The New Jersey winters are brutal on decks. Winter damage to decks can include water damage and destabilization. Not all deck materials can withstand moisture. Although wood is naturally absorbent, if the right kind of wood is not used, you may have an emergency deck repair situation. The weight of snow and ice can lead to the need for deck repair, as well. If the deck isn’t structurally sound and installed correctly, it poses a significant risk. Should this occur, be confident in your choice of deck repair companies. Thousands of New Jersey homes have chosen Weathercraft for their deck needs. Our knowledge of materials and installation make us uniquely qualified to offer clients sound recommendations.

Summer’s Impact on Your Residential Deck

Extreme heat during a New Jersey summer can also impact the integrity of a deck. If appropriate materials aren’t used or if the deck was not sealed properly, you could begin to see fading and even weakening of certain areas. Be sure to check your deck in every season to ensure you don’t need deck repair or deck replacement. If you see something that troubles you, call Weathercraft. We’ll be glad to come look at your deck and advise you of the need to repair or replace. Our suggestions are based on what’s the best outcome for you and your home.

We pride ourselves on offering a fair value to our customers in the greater New Jersey area. Learn more about our emergency service offerings and contact us if you have any questions.