If you are one of those looking into outdoor shade solutions, you may have already come across options such as patio covers and pergolas. It can be difficult to choose between the two, as they have several benefits in their own rights. It is always beneficial to have a good understanding of what differentiates one from the other. Both of them serve the purpose of enhancing your backyard, but in different ways. Let us take a look at their distinction!

What Is The Basic Difference Between The Two?

Patio cover basically works as an extension, and they can be easily attached to the house wall. It is difficult to integrate kits into the overall appearance of the house. In a majority of cases, patio cover is a basic form of shade structure. The structure roof is generally a solid panel of PVC or aluminum fiberglass with posts supporting the end.

On the other hand, a pergola defines the outer space with an overhead frame of rafters. The role of pergola is to create a well-defined space for outdoor area and to compliment the exterior with a beautiful and architecturally stylish feature. Compared to patio covers, they are well-built, with impressive structures including retractable canopies or covers to offer rain or sun protection.

What Are The Benefits Of A Patio Cover?

Patio covers have a number of benefits. Some of them include:

  • It helps in saving sufficient energy costs, by adding shade around your residence. Not only does it reduce the overall temperature, but also acts as an alternative to running AC in full stream.
  • It can be retrofitted with accessories, including home entertainment equipment, misters, fans and outdoor lights, adding to the property value.
  • It is a practical solution to shield outdoor space against foreign elements.

What Are The Benefits Of A Pergola?

Pergolas come with an added advantage of mixing style and ambiance to the entire setup. While these structures hold on to the accessories required for outdoor space enhancement, they also provide that aesthetic appearance in a way that patio cover cant. They integrate quite beautifully with the garden as well, with some homeowners opting to grow flowers and vine plants to add to the impressive style.

Pergolas can also work with retractable, UV-resistant canopies, offering you with an option of indulging in finding shade. It can also be equipped with curtains, adding a touch of style to the appearance, and also providing a bit of privacy. Pergolas create a much more free-flowing and diverse space in terms of vibe and looks, while delivering benefits offered by a patio cover.

When making a decision to choose between the two, count in these factors, and decide which cover works the best with your home. Both pergolas and patio covers provide an array of practical solutions that add to the quality as well as property value. Whether you need a freestanding structure or an add-on feature acting as a complement to your residence, these solutions can give you an attractive and viable way to enhance the outdoor space.