Porches and patios provide another element to your home, serving as excellent places to relax and unwind. With real estate at a premium – and the prospect of colder weather coming – more New Jersey homeowners are realizing the benefits of enclosing a patio or converting a screened-in porch into a living space.

Enclosed Porches for Protection From the Elements

Patios don’t just have to be enjoyed in the summer months. Autumn BBQs are a wonderful way to kick off the season, especially in New Jersey, where the weather is beautiful well into late fall. Enclosing the patio – even with sturdy outdoor curtains or screens – can allow you to continue on with your outdoor festivities even if it starts to rain.

Porches already have a cover but will still get wet from at least one side. Enclosed porch installation would be a great way for you to enjoy that space without worrying about being hit by the elements, especially if you and your guests will be going through the porch area to get to the house. Plus, enclosing it would allow people to safely remove their wet and muddy gear before entering.

Save On Energy Bills with an Extra Level of Protection

Depending on what type of enclosure you choose, for example, if it is completely sealed off and insulated, you could enjoy significant savings on your energy bill by enclosing your heated patio or porch. You won’t lose the heat as easily so there will be no need to crank up the heater as often.

Enclosing it will also keep the space cooler during hot days by providing much-needed shade from the Garden State sun, which will mean that the extremities of your home won’t heat up and you can turn your air conditioner down. Every little bit counts – and adds up on your energy bill!

Boost Property Value with an Enclosed Structure

As lovely as an uncovered porch or patio can be, the utility of turning a porch into a room or converting a patio into a sunroom is that the value of your home could increase nicely. This is an important factor to consider should you choose to sell your home in the future. In New Jersey’s frenetic real estate market, renovations like this enhance the desirability of your home and property. Not only would there be more usable interior space, but having a good looking enclosure would boost the curb appeal of the house.

The fact that your enclosure also works to bring down the energy bill could be another enticing selling point, augmenting its ROI.

Enhancing the Enjoyment of Your Home

Sunroom installation would allow you to use your porch or patio into the colder months. Imagine doing yoga in your sunroom as the sound of light rain brings a sense of serenity on a mild, mid-autumn day. You could make it a playroom – a safe, secure, special space for children where they can enjoy the sunshine as they make forts or play games. Some people dream of turning their porch into a greenhouse, where they can continue their beloved gardening even through the colder season.

Building a porch or patio enclosure could allow you to truly personalize your home and enhance your day-to-day living.

Functional Patio Enclosures Built by New Jersey Experts

With more than 40 years in the residential and commercial awning and shade structure business, Weathercraft offers the most proficient porch and patio enclosure services, including timely and undisruptive installation and clean-up. Whether you’re inquiring about the cost to convert your porch into a room or thinking of the best option for your needs, lifestyle, and budget, we are happy to provide you with the very best advice, products, and workmanship.

Learn more about the process of enclosing your porch or patio by contacting us today. You may also visit our showroom in Emerson, New Jersey to meet the team in person.