If you operate a brewery or a bar, then you probably understand the value of having a warm inviting atmosphere where clients can relax as they enjoy their drinks. Installing commercial awnings for bar on your premises is a great way of creating this kind of atmosphere. Better still, it comes with a number of other benefits that we shall explain below.

Shop-front Branding

Installing a commercial awning at the entrance of your bar creates an inviting aura as well as gives your shop character. Having a commercial awning will not only make your business stand out but will also give you an opportunity to extend your branding. This is because commercial awnings for bar come in a variety of colors and designs meaning that you can design your commercial awning to have your exact brand colors. This helps draw customers to your bar or brewery and gives them a memorable feature to remember it by.

Draws Customers In

By having a commercial awning on the door or windows, you can give customers the opportunity to check out your shop as they shelter from the rain or sun under the commercial awnings. This can further be enhanced by having a clever window display (perhaps of the brewery process or just a smart bar décor) which customers can check out as they stand under the awnings.

Gives Unique Styling

Commercial awnings on the windows and doors will give your bar or brewery a charming retro styling on the outside. You can even add the charm inside by installing café-style awnings over tables and booths to add an old world feel to your interior. You also have the option of installing a long narrow awning across the bar to enhance that European feel to your interior. All these add a sense of coziness to your interior while ensuring that your interior is unique and memorable.

Conceal Unsightly Views

If you are running a brewery, there might be elements of the process that you might not want to show the public. These could be where the old equipment is kept or areas that you don’t want the public to interact with for safety/hygiene reasons. You can cover these places with a vertical awning that can block off the area and ensure that the public only sees and visits the areas you want them to interact with.

More Floor Space

If you are running a bar, the ability to sit more customers can have a direct impact on the revenue that you make. Installing a commercial awning over your patio or your front could extend the sitting space of your bar and generate more income for you. If you install a retractable commercial awning, you can have even more flexibility as you can open it up during fine weather and cover it up during bad weather.

If you are looking to install commercial awnings for your brewery or bar in New Jersey, Weathercraft can help. We design and install high-quality commercial awnings to fit your very specific requirements. Give us a call today and let us boost your bar with our high-quality commercial awnings.