You may think that an entrance cover is not very useful for a business. It might help to protect customers from the elements as they wait to access your business, and that is very important, especially if they need to enter the building via a keypad system or wait to be allowed in. In these circumstances entrance canopies can be very welcome, but did you know that entrance covers can also provide a very important boost for your business?

It’s All About Marketing! 

Today businesses can have very steep competition, and, in this climate, a physical business needs all the help it can get. One of the most important aspects of a business is the branding. Once your brand becomes familiar or well known, then you are halfway to building up a decent client base or improving sales. You will be aware of some of the most famous branding, such as Costa, Nike, etc. They have worked hard to build up their brand awareness.

Building Brand Awareness 

If you own a business then you should include your branding (including colors, patterns, logo) etc., into everything. From the colors and ambiance or atmosphere of your building, to the external image your business portrays. Disposable or takeaway objects, such as bags, keyrings, etc., can all be used, as can entrance covers.

Why Use An Entrance Cover To Build Business Branding?

Entrance covers can be created in a range of colors and materials. They stand proud over the entrance to your business and display what you are offering to the world. Sometimes it can be difficult to spot the entrance to some businesses, but with an entrance cover that not only displays your company’s colors, but also your name and perhaps your business logo, you suddenly become visible. Even if someone is not requiring your services at the moment, that visibility will be registered in the back of their mind, so when they do need something you can provide, they will recollect you. This will give you an added advantage over competitors in the same field.

Entrance Covers Provide A Point Of Interest

An entrance cover that is striking can give a focal point of interest or can create a great impression on customers, or potential clients. If people are talking about your design, whether that is structural or color, then you are being noticed, which will build up your brand awareness. Just a side note of caution, if you do choose to install an entrance cover, then remember to keep it in good repair. If you do not, then a dirty or neglected entrance will give the “avoid” factor rather than the “wow” factor, and people will still be talking – but for the wrong reason.

Let Us Help You Design The Perfect Entrance Cover

Weathercraft has been providing professional bespoke and custom-made canopy solutions to companies for many years. We are proud of our reputation and attention to detail. We have a superb design team that can take your idea and craft it into a workable solution. This will help highlight and improve your business brand and visibility, which will ultimately translate into customers and profit. Call today to see what we can do for you.