Anyone with a commercial property knows – when an awning is done right, it shows. Customers become attracted to check out your store, partly because yours stands out from amongst others with a bright color or bold design. Most of the time, a well-selected awning is also one that ties in neatly with the brand style and guidelines, such that the awning is not just a functional installation or decorative item, but one that truly elevates the representation of the brand. An even more impactful awning is one that stands out so much, it truly gets people talking about your shop – that’s free marketing right there! We give some examples in this article below of storefront awning ideas that are sure to inspire you.


The clean, contemporary look of Byron’s London storefront awnings exudes class and sophistication, and definitely looks like it would belong along one of the more upmarket parts of town. Certainly it looks like the sort of spot you would want to take your friends to have a nice meal when out in London… and the best part is, the food itself is no-nonsense American style diner food, classic burgers and fries, with ice cold craft beers. The classy storefront elevates this restaurant from a simple diner you might go to with friends, to a place you might enjoy to go on a casual date.

Outer Limits Tattoo

This rustic storefront awning would certainly be the most eye-catching one for miles around. Specially designed by an artist and custom made to reflect the tattoo store’s brand identity, this storefront is one which would definitely be a talking point for anyone who passes by. That’s free marketing right there without having to spend a single cent extra (beyond the cost of building the awning, of course). How’s that for standing out from the crowd!


Who says an eye-catching awning has to be outlandish or expensive? Here, sweet shop SugarSin immediately catches attention by placing a bold, striking pink awning over their doorway, against a dark grey building façade. Now that’s a simple and effective way of using contrast to get attention.

Kiss My Cake

A little artwork goes a long way. Go the cute and whimsical route by putting artwork on your otherwise simple-looking storefront awnings, just like how Kiss My Cake did here. It sure is a good way to tell people what sort of goodies you have in store (in this case, cakes) as well as give people a sense of your brand identity at the same time.


Own a patisserie and wish to invoke nostalgia of the rustic countryside, in the cleanest and most sophisticated way possible? These pastel-colored striped awnings are a big hit amongst shop owners who strive for the classic countryside vibe. You would certainly have seen plenty of stores opting for this look, including grocery stores, florists, and other sweets shops that hearken back to the country. Definitely a sweet look for a sweets shop!