Why should the weather affect an event you’ve had planned on the calendar for months? Avoid disappointment and utilize your outdoor sports facilities all year round with the installation of commercial aluminum walkway covers! Not all sports venues have the money to create indoor sports spaces, however, they do have outdoor space to make use of. Why not improve your existing sports courts with our range of walkway covers for outdoor sports venues? An aluminum canopy will expand your outdoor facilities, making them usable all the year round to the benefit of your venue and the local community. An aluminum walkway cover can be a real benefit to your venue, as well as being a very affordable alternative to an indoor sports venue.

Quick Installation

Most aluminum walkway covers can be built onto most concrete surfaces without additional ground preparation. This is done for a fraction of the cost and time it would take to build a permanent indoor sports structure. So, you can have a permanent structure quickly and easily without having to wait for months gaining planning permission and jumping through hoops to satisfy your state regulations.

Eco-Friendly & Safe

Aluminum walkway covers can be installed to include drainage. Not only does this keep the sports area dry, but it also helps the environment by storing rainfall so it can be repurposed on site, for example through a sprinkler system. It is also possible to have solar panels installed on top of the walkway, which will create electricity for lighting once the sun has gone down. This will save you money and ensure everyone is safe. An aluminum walkway cover provides shelter from a range of harsh weather conditions making the sports areas safe for children and adults alike.


Aluminum is the ideal choice of material for a walkway because it is light, durable and does not corrode. This reduces your maintenance costs, allowing you to concentrate your budget elsewhere. You will also find the longevity of aluminum walkway covers to benefit your wallet as you won’t have to replace them for years.

Save On The Costs Of Heating And Cooling The Area

Canopies can allow cool air to circulate, keeping team members fresh and alert and shaded from hot sun or cold wind, at least until it is their turn to take to the field. This means that aluminum canopies can save businesses and communities a lot of money in wasted heating and cooling costs.

Design Statement

An aluminum walkway cover will not only give the protection and shade your event needs, but it can also make a design statement. The framework does not need to be plain and boring, we can help you create an architecturally interesting structure that meets all your needs.

Weathercraft has years of experience helping communities, business and families develop their establishments, properties, and homes to their full potential. We can provide you with careful planning and a perfect customized service to meet your needs. If you are ready to transform your sports venue, let our experts talk you through your options today!