Awnings add an extra edge of design to the storefront, whether they are made of canvas, fixed wood or metal. Historically, awning installations are popular in commercial storefronts, and there are great improvements made in the awning industry over the decades. Consider installing a storefront awning to add unique character to your shop. Here are some tips on how you can add an awning in New Jersey.

Pick The Right Time And The Right Spot

When you choose a commercial awning, make sure to take into account what the building looks like. As a convention, arched awnings are used for arched openings and shed-style awnings are used for rectangular openings. For something contemporary, flat metal awnings are perfect. You should not try to use a style, unless you have historical photographs or evidence of your building with convex, bubble and concave awnings. When choosing colors, make sure it goes with the rest of the building. Any sort of mismatch doesn’t look nice.

Stick To The Tradition

In order to get that historic touch for your awning, make sure you stick to the traditional method. Choose an awning that utilizes traditional materials. Canvas or metal is a great choice that keeps your business cool, while also adding a historic appearance. Avoid using materials like wood shingles or plastic that looks non-historical.

Do Not Block Anything Worth Exposure

With all the cool architectural features your building has, it would be quite odd to detract or cover them up with commercial awnings. If the entrance has an accent of pilaster or column, install the awning in the space between the two, instead of losing the defining features, by putting it across your storefront. In order to open up the accent space properly, place individual storefront awnings over each opening.

Have It Constructed In The Shade

If you are looking to get that ideal commercial awning for your storefront, make sure it is installed in sufficient shade. Summers in New Jersey can be really hot, and heat generated from the window can keep the AC running all the time.  Particularly for the entrance facing west or south, it is important to increase the amount of shade one should have in the storefront. This helps in reduction of temperature, thus avoiding the need of running the AC in full steam, during the day hours. Not only do you save energy and environment, but also paying hefty bills.

Also, many people tend to find shade in scorching weather, and you never know, a few them may even visit your store to check out what’s inside. In a way, it is a business strategy to a get a couple of extra customers.

At WeatherCraft, we have the necessary equipment and expertise to install the perfect storefront awning you are looking for. We are professionals in designing, creating and installing awnings and custom canopies throughout the year. For the initial cost estimation, contact us today to avail a service that goes above and beyond. Our designers will be happy to discuss the preferences and needs of your commercial establishment, before getting started with the work. Leave everything to us from designing to installation!