In today’s business world, you will need more than a great product or an outstanding customer service to get the customer’s attention. One of the best options you have to attract customers to your store is a storefront awning. It is a basic addition that will provide more visibility compared to a traditional signage. Read on to know how to pick the best commercial storefront awning for your business.


Awnings can be built in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. It will depend on the aesthetic preference and the function you want it to serve.  Determine if you want only a good looking awning or you need it to function as a cover too? You have to know what is going to be its purpose in order to get the most out of this installation.

The key to acing this choice is to know what the business needs. If you want to have a sort of an extension, such as an outdoor seating area for a restaurant, then you will have to consider one that will suit the purpose. Get something that can protect from the sun during summer, or a waterproof material for the rainy days.

Retractable or Stationary?

Upon making the decision for a commercial awning, you must choose whether you want a retractable or a stationary one. Although stationary awnings are classier and have that extravagant air to it, they tend to get worn out fast. Awnings are exposed to the harsh outside environment. The cold winters and warm summers can drastically alter the design and longevity of awnings. Avoiding constant exposure to UV rays or being wet from snow and rain can be avoided with a retractable awning. It has greater longevity; however, it will not offer promotional exposure outside of business hours.

The best way to choose between the two is to consider the geographical location of your store. If a heavy snowfall is expected, then a retractable awning is necessary. Stationary awnings can collect snow, may warp the design, and even make the canopy collapse.

The best thing you can do is to choose a contractor that can offer a great awning design that will not compromise quality, safety, and aesthetics.

Aesthetic Aspects

Aesthetic aspects like color, font, and style are essential because they can help create a positive image to your store.

When having an awning installed, make sure to have it stand out in a good way. The design elements should complement the image that you want to portray for your brand. More importantly, the awning should match with the architectural structure of the building. It will not only make a good enhancement to the overall look of the store but will also contribute to achieving brand continuity.

Get Commercial Storefront Awnings in NJ Today!

Long-lasting and beautiful awnings can only be achieved if you will work with professionals. They have the experience and the expert knowledge about installing awnings. Maybe you have already envisioned the perfect awning for your store. It is time to consult with a skilled and dependable NJ awning contractor to make it work. Weathercraft can help finalize the design and provide creative inputs to make your awning awesome!