The warm summer evenings are something we all love to experience and if you have an alfresco dining area you can really take advantage of the great outdoors. If you do not already have a magical space, why not convert your yard? Here are a few tips to help you get the oasis of your dreams.

First Things First

One of the first considerations is shade of some kind. Yes, you want to sit out in the sun, but just using the space towards the end of the day because it is too hot during the daytime is limiting your experience. You can create the necessary shade you need with the help of an awning, a gazebo, or pergola. You don’t have to have a large budget to create the perfect space, as you can create a lovely space with the help of a large table umbrella and a few potted plants, but if you have a bit more to spend and a bit more space you can have exactly what you need.

Decide The Positioning Of Your Dining Table

You may be limited for space, but that does not mean you cannot arrange your dining table and seating to maximize its best advantage. If you can only manage the seating under an awning, then consider the range of colors, materials on offer. You can obtain awnings that can be raised or lowered as the need dictates, providing you with the right amount of shelter, shade and UV protection.

The Sound Of Water

Many people love to hear the sound of running water and with the very varied designs of fountains or water features available, you will be able to find something that is perfect for your environment.

Music Maestro!

Being able to sit back and relax to the sound of relaxing music designed to help you feel chilled is recommended. However, when you are entertaining, you want something a little more lively. Having the ability to play music when the mood dictates is part of a great outside dining experience.

Mood Lighting

If you choose a pergola you can install classical lighting, or if you prefer to make a statement, dimmable lighting, colored lighting. For a relaxing or romantic evening complete your table decorations with candles or LED candles if you don’t like the actual wax variety.  You can even arrange solar lighting around the area that will automatically light up as dusk puts in an appearance.

Focal Fireplace

If you love to barbecue, and who doesn’t, why not consider arranging your dining area around the barbecue area? Or perhaps consider installing a feature fireplace, if you have the space?

Color It Up!

Your external décor is equally as important as your space. You can make the right impact by choosing cushions to match or complement the space. Add in a sprinkling of large and small potted plants or small trees, to screen of small areas to give an air of seclusion. There are so many things you can do to create the perfect environment.

Get Advice Today!

If you are not sure what the best way forward would be, why not contact Weathercraft? We have been providing awning services for many years and can give you the right advice and help you need.