So, you are looking for a way to enhance your home’s exterior. Have you considered the option of purchasing and installing an awning? Buying and installation are two matters that can be easily dealt with. If you have just purchased a brand new awning for your home, you might be concerned about how long it is going to last in the presence of unpredictable weather. Since it is a fixed structure that won’t be frequently moved, the natural elements can certainly take a toll. Fortunately, there are several ways to increase the service lifespan of your awnings. Let’s find out how:

Remove Nearby Extreme Heat Sources

If your awnings are installed outdoors, the sun will always be shining down on your property during the warm months. Wait, there is no problem with that. The real issue surfaces when your awning is exposed to extreme heat. It is not recommended that you set up your barbeque and grill directly underneath your awning. The heat from the grill can cause damage or even burn through the awning if it is bad enough. What’s more, the smoke can stain the fabric. That’s wasting the money you have invested!

Take Care of the Frame

Awning owners should not only pay attention to the fragile fabric, but the frame as well. Although it takes a little bit more ‘effort’ to damage the frame, you should still check on it every so often. It is pertinent that you ensure that the frames are properly installed because if not, its condition can deteriorate at a faster rate. Harsh weather conditions such as strong winds can do substantial damage to the frame of your awnings. It is recommended that you address any damages as quickly as possible before they become extensive.

Keep the Awnings Clean with the Right Cleaning Supplies

Since your awning is outside all day, it is normal for dirt and debris to build up on it. That’s why you should keep your awnings clean to prevent dirt from wearing the fabric out. Clean your awning at least once or twice a month so that it continues to look nice and lasts longer. In many cases, you can use a hose to gently clean off the top. If you need to manually wash your awning, avoid using old cleaning solutions. The cleaning solution you use must suit the type of fabric on your awning. Consult your awning company before using any cleaning products.

Awning Experts You Can Trust At Weathercraft

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