An incredibly thoughtful amenity, restaurant awnings serve to shelter diners from the harsh elements such as the rain and the blaring sun without compromising on their dining experience. More than just a stylish design facility, the wrong awning design can turn away customers with a poor curb appeal. Read on to find out more about restaurant awnings and how to select the right ones to increase appeal like a pro!

Deciding On The Design Of Your Awning

The right color combinations, style and design will lend an air of sophistication to your restaurant, encouraging people to patron your restaurant. The awnings can play a key role in the first impression game, at times serving as de facto signage. How often have you visited an unfamiliar restaurant just judging on its exterior design? Choose contrasting colors, reinforce on the colors and design vocabulary to set an impression!

Size Is Important

The size of your awning is important, it should be big enough to shelter and protect the diners from the elements as they indulge in the food and experience of your restaurant. The amount of available space that your restaurant offers is an important factor when you are deciding on the size, the awning should not be too small if your outdoor space is huge as it might defeat the purpose of a functional awning. Awnings can also be added to windows or doors to reduce the solar glare and gain.

Type Of Fabric

The type of material that you choose for your awning will make a big difference. Some common fabrics include vinyl laminated or coated polyester, solution-dyed modacrylic, acrylic-coated polyester, painted cotton, etc. Weigh your options on the type of fabrics, for instance, vinyl fabrics are waterproof and does not require treatments and is both fire and mold resistant while woven fabrics can be treatment for water repellent and allows air circulation through its fibers. Lower priced fabrics will fade, crack, split or tear fast and it certainly would not help in attracting diners. For more durable fabric, you can consider treating the fabric to resist water, rust, mold, fire and ultra-violet rays.

Retractable Or Fixed Awnings?

There is an option of retractable or fixed awnings; a retractable awning can be extended when required and retracted when not while a fixed awning stays out all year round unless dismantled. You can decide on whether you prefer a motorized or manual crank to control the retractable awnings. The decision depends on your restaurant space, the weather elements as well as your furniture.

Where To Get Restaurant Awnings

As mentioned above, a well-designed and function awning not only adds aesthetic appeal to your restaurant, but it adds value to every diner’s experience with your restaurant. Reach out to a professional and trusted company for a discussion of your needs and preferences of a suitable restaurant awning. Contact Weathercraft today to find out the extensive range of products we have to offer!