Having retractable awnings in your home is something you should consider. Apart from giving your home a distinctive look, it adds to the overall beauty of the home. Here are several other reasons why having a retractable awning in your home is a great idea.

Cool Your House

Retractable awnings can help keep your home cool during summer. They do this by blocking the rays of the sun from your doors and windows, ensuring that most of the heat is deflected. It is estimated that retractable awnings can lower heat in your home by up to 70%. This makes your home a comfortable place to stay in during those hot days. The other great benefit of this is that it helps lower your energy bill as you don’t need to use your air conditioner to cool your home. Overall, you get great value for money by installing retractable awnings in your home.

Provide Working Space

Retractable awnings give you a lovely space to get work done while enjoying the outdoors. By giving your patio shelter from the elements, they provide a great home office for study and work. Working outside has been known to boost productivity and helps reduce stress. If you work at home, a retractable awning is a cost-effective way of setting up an outdoor office.

Provide More Flexibility

Retractable awnings give you the flexibility to retract and extend them as need be. For example, if you are cooking underneath the awnings and are worried that you might damage them, you could effortlessly retract them and extend them when you are done. This is however just the beginning of it. You can fully automate them by fitting rain sensors which extend or retract them automatically when it starts to rain. You can also link them up with any home automation system you have, allowing you to control them remotely via phone app or through other gadgets.

Increase Property Value

Adding a retractable awning to your house can increase the value of your home. Potential buyers will appreciate the flexibility that the awnings bring as well as the savings in energy costs. All these translate to more buyers being interested in your home and thus higher value. Often, the increase in home value due to the retractable awnings is greater than the cost of installing the awnings, translating to a net gain.

Wide Range of Colors and Sizes

Retractable awnings can work with any home style as they come in a wide variety of colors and styles. This guarantees that you will find a color and style that will blend into your home décor and enhance the look of your home. You can also fit them in many places including windows, patios, doors and many more. Retractable awnings also come in a variety of sizes meaning that you have the flexibility to make your awning as long or as short as you need to fit your purpose.

Retractable awnings offer aesthetic as well as practical value to your home. Weathercraft is the leading awnings solution provider in New Jersey. We can help you design and install high-quality retractable awnings that will last for a long time.