Any savvy business owner will know that keeping costs down – without compromising quality and integrity – is a key factor of profitability.  In terms of running a successful transport company – or any business that receives cargo – it isn’t just about getting the goods from Point A to Point B, but making sure that your assets – human and otherwise – remain safe when they arrive and depart. Those are only a couple of reasons that a cover for your loading dock may be a beneficial investment.

Here’s a closer look at just a few of the benefits your operation can experience from installing a loading dock cover awning.

Loading Dock Covers Mean Protection From the Elements

You don’t want to have merchandise delivered from across the country only to have them damaged by precipitation, or to let valuable equipment get damaged. Additionally, you must think about your employees. In harsh weather conditions, providing extra cover can make loading and unloading easier, more efficient, and simply more bearable. For instance, loading dock awnings and covers can eliminate the risk of being pelted with snow, ice, and rain.

In the summer months, a loading dock roof will also provide some well-needed shade, helping to prevent against heat stroke and sunburn from constant, direct exposure to the sun’s rays. The shade provided can also help to eliminate excessive sunlight glares.

Loading Dock Covers Mean Tangible Energy Savings

Another result of the shade provided by truck dock covers is that your energy costs may go down significantly. In the winter, your workers may need less heat because they aren’t wet and cold from getting snowed on. In the summer, shade has a cooling effect on your building’s facade, meaning you may not need to run your cooling unit quite as frequently.

Cumulatively, you’re looking at potentially substantial savings on your energy bill.  In fact, the truck dock awnings will likely pay for themselves within a matter of months with the cost savings you get from that energy retention.

Loading Dock Covers Mean Better Working Conditions and Fewer Repairs

Apart from keeping morale from falling, you are preventing a lot of possible slips and falls. If ice can’t form and snow can’t accumulate – and can’t make its way into the actual loading dock, you make it safer for your workers to navigate.

Buildings suffer from exposure to the elements, as well. By installing a loading dock awning, you are also sheltering the exterior wall of your loading dock from inclement weather, so that you require fewer repairs to the outside of the building. Fewer repairs mean fewer expenditures.

Start Saving With Loading Dock Cover Installation

At Weathercraft, our quality installations of loading dock covers and other commercial awning installations are backed by our 40 years of industry experience and expertise. We carry out our installations promptly and treat your property with respect, and you can be sure that we have a design that will complement your building.

Contact us today to find out how easy it is to protect your goods and employees with loading dock covers.