Maintaining your commercial awnings is a good move. Awnings often are the first impression that your customers get when they come to your business premises and it is important that you make that first impression memorable. Damaged, stained or faded awnings can give the sense that your business is not really professional. It is worse when your business is a restaurant or one that deals with food or health products as customers tend to be particularly sensitive to the environments where they buy such products. So how do you keep your awning in tip top shape? Here are some useful tips.

Inspect the Awnings Frequently

Most commercial enterprises tend to forget about their awnings soon after installation and only give them their attention when they need repair. This is a mistake. Always schedule time to inspect your awnings. Look for joint problems or tears to the awning material. The main benefit of these regular checks is that problems can be caught early and fixed before they become major issues that might cost you a ton of money to fix.

Keep Your Awnings Clean

Make a point to regularly clean your awnings to rid them of debris that tends to accumulate on them. This debris ranges from bird droppings to leaves and twigs. Ensure that all debris is cleaned off to keep your awnings looking spotless and stain free. Another advantage of keeping your awnings clean is that it makes it easier to detect damage that may otherwise be concealed by the dirt.

Lubricate any Moving Parts

As you inspect the awnings, pay attention to the metal structures for any sign of damage. If your awnings are the retractable type, closely inspect the joints and ensure that they are properly lubricated. While most awning structures use aluminum which is a fairly durable metal, its can still get damaged by debris so it pays to keep an eye on the metal bits and fix them as soon as you see any problems.

Avoid Direct Heat Under the Awnings

This applies especially to restaurants who might want to have a charcoal grill underneath the awnings to prepare grilled food for clients. The problem with charcoal grills is that they produce soot which might stain your awnings and make them look unsightly. If you have to grill outside, do not do it underneath the awnings unless you have the retractable variety, in which case you can retract when you are using the grill.

Rely on Professionals to Do Repairs

If you spot tears or damaged sections that need repair, it helps to call professionals with experience in fixing commercial awnings. Using an uncertified workman might lead to even more serious damage to your awnings. Avoid making a false saving and only use professionals to maintain your commercial awnings.

Following these tips should keep your commercial awnings in tip top shape. If you need a professional to install or repair your awning in New Jersey or surrounding areas, talk to us at Weathercraft. We have years of experience in installing and maintaining commercial awnings. Give us a call today at 201-262-0055  for a free quote.