Summer is patio weather, but enjoying the sun doesn’t mean you want it to beat down on you for hours. Patio shade structures – such as patio covers, pergolas, and retractable awnings – provide the comfort you need and maximize your outdoor entertainment or relaxation area. With over 40 years of experience under our belt, Weathercraft can help you choose the best option for your home and lifestyle.

Though they are similar, patio covers, pergolas, and retractable awnings differ in their styles and functionality. Here’s a closer look at what each structure has to offer:


Patio Covers for Convenient Shadepatio-covers

Patio covers are basic shade structures that are positioned over your patio doors. They function as a permanent extension to your home and are designed to be practical. They usually consist of a solid panel made from materials like aluminum, fiberglass, or PVC, and are supported by posts that extend away from the wall. Patio covers can lower your energy costs in the summertime by providing shade as an alternative to your AC, and protect your patio from the elements all year-round.


Weathercraft MFG Lattices and Pergolas Installation in [city], {state].Pergolas for Aesthetic Style

Pergolas are impressive looking structures that define the outdoor patio and complement your home and garden. Instead of a roof, open rafters (“joists”) form an overhead frame, to which a canopy or curtains can be added to partially shield your patio from the elements, if desired. Pergolas are intended to provide architectural and aesthetic style – sometimes even a little privacy. As an extension to your garden, pergolas are often home to tasteful vines and whimsical flowering plants. Not surprisingly, pergolas let in more sunlight, so you can feel the summer rays on your skin.


Motorized Retractable AwningRetractable Awnings for the Utmost Flexibility

A retractable patio awning not only provides shade – the Gortex in Weathercraft retractable awnings also protects you from UV rays. Plus, you may choose to retract it for more sunlight and warmth. This means saving on energy costs because you have some control over temperature and light. Retractable awnings are made to withstand the elements, including strong wind. You can opt for manual or motorized retractable awnings, wall-mounted or roof-mounted. And when you choose to work with Weathercraft, you have many colors and patterns to choose from. Think of it as a cross between the protection of a patio canopy and the style that you might achieve with a pergola installation. Some might even say, the best of both worlds!

An Awning Installation Company That Offers So Much More

Whether you are veering towards getting a patio cover, pergola, or retractable awning installed, you are in good hands with Weathercraft. We like to take a consultative approach with our clients to ensure that your objectives, budget, and preferences are addressed when you weigh your options. With our insight and expertise stemming from more than 40 years in the industry, Weathercraft can help you pick the best patio shade structure for your home and provide the highest quality installation for your needs.

Interested in discussing the potential of a retractable awning, pergola, or patio cover installation? Contact us today to find out which patio shade structure is best for you or view our image gallery for a closer look at what Weathercraft is capable of.