Commercial Stationary Awnings in NJ

Commercial Stationary AwningA stationary commercial awning is one of the best ways you can provide cover for your customers. This can be very welcoming not only when wind or rain makes an appearance, but when the sun beats down.  Many companies, while they do not encourage smoking, offer a commercial stationary awning as protection for staff members who do smoke. In addition, a fixed awning can provide protection to your staff from the weather if they have to work outside the building in a specific area.

What is Commercial Stationary Awning?

A commercial stationary awning is a fixed frame with material stretched over it. It is designed to give shade and protection to whoever is underneath. We can provide any material that you need, and this can be anything from vinyl to canvas. We have a wide range of materials available in stock, but if you have a specific material that you would like us to use in preparation of your awning, we are happy to discuss discounts for this.

Why Should You Install Commercial Stationary Awning?

Here are just some of the key reasons to choose commercial stationary awning:

  • Branding: A well designed awning can incorporate the name and nature of your business so that it is visible for anyone to see. This will help build up your reputation in terms of quality and branding
  • Protects clients: The awning can protect guests, clients and customers from the elements, which may increase the time they spend at your establishment, and possibly increase profits too!
  • Wide variety of styles: You can choose from durable vinyl, classy canvas, aluminum or many other modern materials in colors to complete your branding
  • Increase external space: By adding a commercial stationary awning, you are creating an extension of your business. By having an external space that can accommodate more customers, you are reducing building costs and increasing sales
  • Give your property character: A fixed awning can give your building character or can make it a talking point, which all adds up to more visibility and more business
  • Highlight your business: A commercial stationary awning over a door will ensure a customer can pick you out immediately. This is especially useful if your business entry is hidden amongst a terrace of other business doorways

 Available Configurations for Commercial Stationary Awning

  • Durable aluminum frames
  • Welded steel frame
  • Powder coating for added frame protection
  • Range of durable heavy-duty fabrics and materials
  • Keep your existing frame and choose a fabric to recover it
  • UV protection, stain and mold resistant as standard

Why Choose Weathercraft for Commercial Stationary Awning?

If you are looking for an expert service for your commercial stationary awning needs, then Weathercraft can help. We have been in the New Jersey area serving businesses and individuals for more than 40 years. We have a passion for design and flair and our attention to detail is something other firms dream of. Why not consider us to help give your business property a lift?

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