Composite Deckings Installation in NJ

DeckingComposite deckings are one of the fastest growing wood deck options on the market. Compared to traditional wood deckings, they boast a longer lifespan and low maintenance. What’s more, modern technology has allowed composite decking manufacturers to simulate the appearance of a great array of exotic hardwoods through their composite decking products. If you are planning to design and build your own composite deck, look no further than Weathercraft!

What are Composite Deckings?

Composite decks are a type of man-made building product that combines recycled plastic and recycled wood fibers. Oftentimes, these materials exist in equal amounts. Because composite deckings are durable and resistant to rot, they can last longer than conventional wood deckings. This type of decking products also do not require the board replacement, sealing, sanding, and staining that usually come along with wood decks. Although they may require more initial investment, composite deckings certainly make up for that initial cost over its entire service lifespan.

Why Should You Install Composite Deckings?

Today, homeowners are encouraged to consider installing composite deckings because of their durability and overall cost-effectiveness. As this type of decking is impervious to rot, mold, and insects, they do not require high levels of maintenance. Thanks to their exceptional fade and stain resistant properties, you can even find new capped composite deckings that have high color retention and are extremely easy to clean. In many cases, you only need to adhere to a semi-annual cleaning schedule. A quick spray of the hose and the use of mild household cleaner will suffice!

Apart from the beauty and convenience that composite decks provide, adding a deck to your property can produce a significant return on your initial investment. This is possible because these decks have the ability to remain beautiful for years with less maintenance. All in all, composite deckings can be a low maintenance solution to your outdoor living space. They can provide a beautiful sanctuary for your family and business via the exotic looks of woods like Ipe. Yes, without all the upkeep!

Available Configurations for Composite Deckings

  • Basic configurations: Allows you to add legendary luxury to your home in an affordable manner. With nature-inspired colors and advanced shell technology, you can build a high-caliber outdoor living system with this simple solution. You may even consider adding a white railing for a clean finish.
  • Timeless-look configurations: The next option involves using bold colors and a deep wood-grain pattern to achieve a timeless and premium look that throws other decking options in the dust.
  • High-performance configurations: Do you want a composite decking product that offers the charm of real wood, without the trouble of maintenance? You can opt for high-performance composite decking products. These configurations usually comprise classic color options and high-definition grain patterns.

Why Choose Weathercraft for Composite Deckings?

At Weathercraft, our composite decks are designed to withstand both weekend mishaps and harsh weather conditions. When designing a decking product for your needs, we can offer high quality and durable finishes that are soft and splinter-free so that it is comfortable underfoot. Our company possesses over 40 years of industry-specific experience. Since our inception, we have built an extensive clientele through NJ. You may be pleased to know that we are also a factory direct business. This means that we can offer top-notch composite decking solutions at extremely competitive rates. Whether you are installing composite deckings for your commercial and residential space, we have got you well-covered.

To find out more about our expertise in composite deckings, feel free to email us at or call us at 201-262-0055.