Covered Decks in NJ

Covered DeckIf you are interested in turning your outside space into a thing of beauty, then have you considered covered decks? Decking can be created in a variety of different materials and built to your specification and design. Many people leave decks uncovered, but by having a covered deck you will find that you will use the outside space more often as it will be a lot more versatile.

What are Covered Decks?

A decking area is an area that is usually tagged onto your house, although it can be completely separate from the house and placed in a different part of the garden or yard. This area allows you to have space to place seating and is very popular as an outside entertaining space. A covered deck area is a decking area that has a cover of some sort, such as a wooden roof.

Why Should You Install Covered Decks?

Covered decks are very popular for quite a few reasons. Some of them are:

  • Protection from the elements: This is one of the top reasons. It allows you to use the external space more frequently without having to worry about the rain
  • Shade: The hot summer sun can be too much for some people to handle. A covered deck can shelter you and your companions from the sun and it can also help keep a part of the house in shade as well, making it cooler when you go inside
  • Outside cooking areas: Many people love to host barbecues, and a covered deck is fast becoming very popular due to the fact that you can cook the meal outside and stay in touch and socialize with all your guests, even if the weather is slightly underwhelming
  • Add lighting: If you choose to add lighting, a ceiling fan and/or heating to your external space, you will be able to use the area for longer, which means longer nights as well as being able to use the areas well into the fall and cooler months
  • Keep outdoor furniture in peak condition: A covered deck will keep all your outdoor furniture protected from the elements, so less expenses or replacements needed
  • Reduce maintenance on your decking: Not only will you and your furniture be protected, but a roof will also extend the life of your decking area
  • Increase house value: Of course, a good quality covered deck will also increase the value of your property, which is good news when you are ready to sell your property

Available Configurations for Covered Decks

  • Available in a range of materials and styles
  • Bespoke service to fit in with your unique lifestyle and choice

Why Choose Weathercraft for Covered Decks?

Weathercraft has served the residential and commercial industry for innovative house remodeling projects and extensions for many years. We have many customers who are very satisfied with our design and covered decks installation service. We offer high quality workmanship and have a keen attention to detail.

If you are interested in learning more about our covered decks’ design and installation processes today. Just drop us an email at or ring us at 201-262-0055.