Carport, Deck & Patio Cover Installation in Northern NJ

Giardelli-2From style to functionality, your options of expanding your living space outdoors only begin with retractable awnings!  Deck covers, along with patio covers and carports from Weathercraft are designed to mimic the style of your home, expand your living space, and serve as a secure structure for your belongings. But beyond simply being another component of your home, these structures offer a sense of flexibility that you’ve never before experienced in an outdoor space. Through the timely, yet meticulous installation of these structures, Weathercraft provides New Jersey homeowners with endless outdoor living possibilities, tailored to their needs.

Structure, Style, Functionality: The Benefits of Deck and Patio Covers

By adding an awning, deck, or patio cover, you gain a second living space, a sense of security, and visual appeal that boosts the overall value of your property.  The designers and installers of Weathercraft will work you to incorporate a structure suited to the lifestyle of your family. With a patio or deck cover in your yard, you can take advantage of…

  • An outdoor party that doesn’t have to halt in the event of an unexpected summer shower
  • A shaded space to enjoy a warm evening during al fresco meals
  • A secure structure that protects your patio furniture, grill and kitchen equipment, and outdoor plants
  • Year-round outdoor enjoyment with optional ceiling fans and infrared heater installation
  • A protected façade, with added gutter extensions that siphon rain away from your siding

Carports: Beyond the Car, Offering More Bang for your Buck

Protecting your vehicle from excess sun, debris, and rough weather is only one way to utilize your carport. At Weathercraft, we can help you install a structure that offers both security and functionality. With the ability to protect the look of your vehicle and beautify the home, carports provide…

  • A makeshift greenhouse, allowing your delicate outdoor plants to receive just the right amount of sunlight
  • A utility storage space for your ATV, bicycles, lawn mower, and other outdoor equipment
  • A free-standing pavilion for outdoor entertainment around a bonfire or relaxation in your hot tub

Timely Installation and Cleanup so you Can Fully Enjoy your Structure

With over 40 years of experience, Weathercraft has designed and installed awnings that retract, as well as deck and patio covers, and carports in a variety of styles and sizes, suited to the unique needs of families from Emerson, NJ and beyond. You’ll love our attention to detail throughout the entire process, taking into account the style of your home as well as your personal preferences. Plus, you can take advantage of our lifetime warranty on all products, giving you confidence you need so that you can fully enjoy your home’s new addition.

We welcome you to visit our showroom in Emerson, New Jersey to get up close and personal with some of our sample products. You may also give us a call at 201-262-0055 or contact us online. 

Benefits of Deck & Patio Covers

Climate Protection

Protect your outdoor furniture, kitchen, pets, and family from inclement weather and provide a comfortable oasis on warm days.

UV Protection

With our carports, you can protect your cars, boats, RVs and motorcycles from inclement weather and the sun’s harsh UV rays.

Custom Solutions

Custom made patio and deck covers and carports are available for all applications.


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