Exterior Rolling Screens Installation in NJ

Exterior Rolling Screens

With a little smart sun management, you can transform natural light into a beautiful design element. For this task, you can use exterior rolling screens to elegantly manage heat and glare from the sun. At Weathercraft, we manufacture stylish and durable exterior rolling screens for pergolas, porches, decks, windows, and other outdoor patio structures.

What are Exterior Rolling Screens?

Outdoor living spaces such as balconies, decks, porches, pergolas, and patios can get unbearably hot at certain times of day, especially if your property faces west. Sun screens are designed to stop the sun before it enters the glass of your windows. It is currently one of the most effective ways to decrease heat gain inside. Apart from controlling heat, exterior rolling screens are also designed to ensure uninterrupted view of the outdoors.

Types of Exterior Rolling Screens

  • Zipper lock types: These screens are completely windproof. They feature sides that can be locked on each side channel.
  • Clear-view Romans: They are designed to provide the feel of an open resort space.
  • Clear-view rollers: This roller system is usually UV-resistant and scratch-resistant. It allows owners to enjoy the scenic views from outside.
  • Rain screens: Specially designed to resist rain whilst maintaining the exterior view.
  • Heat and glare protective screens: Designed to reduce glare into the interior via efficient exterior control of sunlight.
  • Rain and wind resistant rolling screens: Strong enough to withstand sea wind on beach front resorts.

Why Should You Install Exterior Rolling Screens?

The benefits of exterior rolling screens make them a clear choice as extension of your commercial and residential window treatment needs, including:

  • Home automation integration
  • Comes with smartphone controls
  • Attractive hardware to hold fabrics in place
  • Suitable for southern, eastern, and western exposures
  • Withstand wind speeds up to 40 mph
  • Can double as solar control and insect control
  • Diffuse natural light to increase visual comfort and combat glare
  • Dramatically reduce temperatures within shaded space
  • Does not sacrifice scenic views for extra layer of protection

Why Choose Weathercraft for Exterior Rolling Screens?

No window treatment project is too small or big for Weathercraft to handle. When it comes to exterior rolling screens, we can fully customize a solution that fits your exact needs. Weathercraft has over 40 years of experience with serving residential and commercial clients throughout NJ. Since our inception, we are committed to delivering only the highest quality of products and services. What’s more, we offer a wide variety of fabrics to choose from. Apart from shielding your space from the harsh rays of the sun, you can ensure that the appearance of your rolling screens seamlessly blend into your property’s beautiful aesthetics.

As a full-service company, we handle your project for start to finish. No task is outsourced and that’s why we maintain full control over quality. Our dedicated staff members are trained to facilitate field measurement and professional installation of your products. Weathercraft is also a factory direct provider, which means that we are able to offer the most competitive rates on the market.

If you want to visit our showroom and check out how our products work in person, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment now. You can email us at info@weathercraftmfg.com or call us at 201-262-0055.