Lattices & Pergolas Create Your Own NJ Outdoor Oasis

Weathercraft MFG Lattices and Pergolas Installation in [city], {state].Elegant and versatile, a lattice or pergola can transform the atmosphere of any environment, turning even a plain backyard into one of style and personality.  From a pergola that provides your garden with just the right amount of shade to a lattice that covers the void areas of your porch or deck, Weathercraft can design and install a structure that mimics the style of your existing home.  Crafted from quality materials, these structures are designed to add both style and functionality throughout the seasons.

Custom Lattices and Pergolas, Suited to Your Property


Custom Lattices and Pergolas

Enjoy maintenance-free shade and beauty with your Weathercraft lattice or pergola. Making an exceptional statement for your home, you may choose from a standard design or a custom design from your team. Backed by over 40 years of experience, our products are designed to outlast any competitor’s products, featuring an exclusive base coat and finish that resists chalking and fading. That means you can enjoy the long-lasting custom work of your lattice in the comfort of your home for years to come.


Discover the possibilities of your home by giving us a call at 201-992-6967. You may also visit our showroom in Emerson to see what we’re capable of.

Benefits of Lattice & Pergola Installation

Customize Shade

How much shade would you like? From 40% to a combination of shade and sunlight to total shade coverage, you can customize your beautiful space to be fully functional for your wants and needs.

Home Value

Increase the value and splendor of your home with a lattice or pergola. A custom design can make your home shine from every angle and provide a gorgeous addition to a deck or yard for you and your guests.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Experience the outdoors like never before with a lattice shade! Whether you’re gardening or relaxing, a lattice or pergola provides a unique way to enjoy your home in New Jersey with Weathercraft MFG’s lattices!