Louvered Metal Roof System Installation in NJ

Metal FoofIf you are looking to add a more solid structure to your residential or commercial property, a louvered metal roof system may be just what you need. With Weathercraft’s louvered metal roof systems, you can revolutionize the way you control and create your indoor and outdoor environment. Our roof systems are designed to combine function and style to enhance your outdoor space!

What are Louvered Metal Roof Systems?

Louvered metal roof systems are constructed from a series of horizontal slats angled at various positions to let in air and light but keep out unwanted heat and rain. You can use these roof systems to transform any swimming pool area, spa area, BBQ area, patio, veranda, deck, etc. into functional spaces all year round, no matter the weather. Today, it can be challenging to find other sun control products that can equal the stylish and functional benefits of a louvered metal roof system.

Why Should You Install Louvered Metal Roof Systems?

Today, there is an increasing demand for roof systems to have the ability to reduce energy, reduce pollution, and protect the environment. At Weathercraft, our louvered roof systems are bioclimatic. Apart from enhancing indoor and outdoor comfort, they are ecologically sound and are made from 99% recyclable materials. Next, the roof system follows the natural cycle of the sun. This means that you will have an easier time blocking unwanted sunlight or limiting light penetration.

Another important function of roof systems with louvered tops is their abilities to channel rain away. Modern, waterproof louvered roof systems come with integrated gutter systems, eliminating the need for unsightly external downspouts.

Whether relaxation or entertainment, louvered metal roofs complete your outdoor environment. It is the ideal enrichment to almost any property. Now you can use your space (e.g. a patio) to its full potential. Today, louvered roofs are quickly becoming fashionable. They can be wall mounted or free standing and are designed for small to large spaces. As louvered roof systems can come with additional roll down screens, e.g. roll down vinyl windowed curtains, they can be used for cooler inclement winter months!

Available Configurations for Louvered Metal Roof Systems

  • Optional side screens
  • Built-in gutter with water drainage functions
  • Hundreds of standard and custom colors
  • Available with remote control (motorized)
  • Multiple bays and units can be added together to achieve larger coverage
  • Rain protection configuration
  • Air recirculation configuration
  • Solar modulation configuration
  • Blades open in various positions: 45 degrees, 90 degrees, and 140 degrees

Why Choose Weathercraft for Louvered Metal Roof Systems?

At Weathercraft, we are a trusted manufacturer of louvered metal roof systems for residential and commercial architectural design applications. Since our inception, we are committed to providing the best in function, form, and design. Specified by discerning clients who demand solutions of superior quality, our company has been chosen for many projects throughout New Jersey. Our steadfast customer service values, cutting-edge lean manufacturing processes, and quality product offering have elevated Weathercraft to the system of choice.

Apart from amassing over 40 years of industry experience, we are also a factory direct business. This advantage has allowed us to provide stellar products and services at the most competitive rates in the country. Before we move forward with a project, we want our clients to feel safe and enjoy complete peace of mind. That’s why we invite you to our showroom to discover how our customized louvered metal roof systems can add value to your business or home.

Interested in learning more about Weathercraft’s louvered metal roof systems? Schedule an initial consultation with us today. You can email us at info@weathercraftmfg.com or call us at 201-262-0055.