Open Decks in NJ

open-decks-imgChoosing to have open decks added to your property is a sound investment. It will give you a choice of areas to move to, and you can relax and enjoy the privacy of your own garden, which is great if you have teenagers around the house. The outside space can bring a sense of calm and contentment.

What are Open Decks?

An open deck is a patio or decking area that does not have an awning or roof above it. This means the decking area opens out onto your garden, or in some cases, replaces a lawned garden.

Why Should You Install Open Decks?

If you look around your neighborhood, you are sure to find at least one house with an open deck. Some people have more than one patio area or open deck area, and here’s why:

  • Outside living space: Having a place to sit quietly and read a book or just relaxing in the summer sunshine can be your idea of heaven. Adding a deck area can give you a place of beauty
  • Accessibility: One problem with some gardens is that if you or a relative are not very steady on your feet, or need to use a wheelchair, grass can be very awkward to negotiate. An open deck is a great stable surface that allows anyone to access the outdoors.
  • More playtime for children: Decking areas are perfect for children who want to play outside safely. They can enjoy make-believe stories and you will help feed their imagination
  • Potted plants: You can transform your decking area with a few well-chosen potted plants. Even if you do not have or want grass, you can still make the decking area one of nature’s finest
  • Entertainment area: You can invite friends and guests for a few drinks during long hot summer nights, ensuring you keep your social life alive
  • Low maintenance: Decking is very low maintenance. Much more so than grass. You will only need to keep it clean and paint it once a year to keep it in brilliant condition or even go with a composite deck that requires literally no maintenance!
  • Increase property value: Your decking is equivalent to having an extra room, which of course will add value to your property.

Available Configurations for Open Decks

Why Choose Weathercraft for Open Decks?

Decking has gained popularity over the last few years and many homes now have a decking area as standard. It gives an added dimension to your home and can be used to enjoy your outdoor facilities.  Weathercraft is proud to have designed and installed many open decks in recent years and as this trend continues, love to use our creativity to the max. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and work closely to your instructions, allowing you to have the space of your dreams.

Find out more about our designs for open decks or ask about our customized service. Just email us at or call us at 201-262-0055.