Retractable Glass Walls Installation in NJ

InteriorIf you want to spend more time outdoors in style and comfort and style, installing retractable glass walls makes an excellent option. They can be used to beautify patios, sunrooms, and balconies. If you are looking for a reputable retractable glass wall manufacturer, look no further than Weathercraft!

What are Retractable Glass Walls?

Retractable glass walls are a gorgeous type of glass wall system that can enhance the look of a room, making them into a spectacular focal point via a seamless indoor cum outdoor living experience. As an owner, you will get improved access to views, ventilation, and natural light. Today, you can find two types of retractable glass walls, and they include:

  • Bi-fold/folding: They provide a visually impressive way to soften the distinction between the outdoors and indoors. Multiple glass panels are designed to fold in an accordion manner, and can be stored to one or both sides in an organized manner. If you are looking for an option that provides an almost full opening, this is it.
  • Pocketing: This type of door system offers owners an uninterrupted opening. However, you must ensure that your property has sufficient wall space so that custom cavities can be created. The multi-slide panels are designed to slide and stack into the wall, completely out of view.

Why Should You Install Retractable Glass Walls for Your Business?

If you are installing retractable glass walls within your business premises, which also features a patio area, retractable glass walls can make the area more inviting and enhance your business image. This helps to attract customers and entice them to enter. Next, the glass walls allow you to fully utilize your outdoor spaces all year round, i.e. increasing seating capacity and turnover.

Retractable glass walls have so many other uses. How they can be used is up to your creativity. For example, you can create a defined outdoor seating area by using it as a standalone, or you can create a wind break barrier to enhance the comfort of your patrons. They can even be combined with pergola awnings.

How to Choose the Right Retractable Glass Walls for Your Needs

Firstly, the placement and size of your retractable glass walls should be determined by its purpose: are the walls needed to achieve a better view or just to create flexible living spaces? When it comes to choosing a suitable material for the frame of your walls, you should consider your location and climate. Wood is a timeless classic and it offers excellent thermal efficiency. However, this material requires more maintenance, especially if it is used outdoors. If you prefer having a material that suits outdoor applications, you can never go wrong with aluminum. This material has a slimmer profile and is more durable. They can be used in secondary openings like patio enclosures.

Why Choose Weathercraft for Retractable Glass Walls?

At Weathercraft, our retractable glass walls are constructed with the highest quality materials. Apart from allowing maximum natural light, they can help protect your patio furniture from rain and harmful UV rays. To provide complete peace of mind to our clients, are products come with generous warranty protection. Our company has been in the business for many years, and has satisfied the needs of a wide variety of residential and commercial clients throughout New Jersey. No project is too big or small for us to handle. When you work with us, we strive to help you stay within budget and maximize ROI.

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