Sunroom Awnings Installation in NJ

Sunroom AwningsFor most homeowners, having a sunroom allows them to enjoy the outdoors, without the hassle of contending with unpredictable weather elements. If you want to enjoy your patio or deck while keeping cool, be sure to install sunroom awnings. If you are looking for maintenance-free and easy-to-operate sunroom awnings, look no further than Weathercraft.

What are Sunrooms?

Sunrooms are a popular type of addition to residential properties. They offer a versatile place to entertain guests and serve as a spacious lounge. Also known as a patio room, sun porch, garden room, or solarium, a sunroom is definitely a fun way to update your living space. Sunrooms are typically custom-designed to suit the property to which they are attached. In many cases, they are placed at the back or side of the house.

Backyard patios are also often used as a base for the room. While large plastic and glass panels have been used for the purpose of allowing sunlight to beam into the room, more contemporary options are sunroom awnings. It is the perfect option for individuals that want to open up the room so that more fresh air can filter inside.

Why Should You Install Sunroom Awnings?

Today, sunroom awnings offer the ideal solution for solar protection and temperature control in one’s sunroom. It comes with fabrics that are designed to block the sun before it enters your space. This helps to significantly reduce the indoor temperature, and in turn lower overall cooling costs. Sunroom awnings are also known to prevent early fading of one’s wallpaper, curtains, and furniture. These awnings are not only designed for hot days, as you can keep them retracted on cold winter days to increase the temperature in your home.

Available Configurations for Sunroom Awnings

  • Residential and commercial configurations
  • Can be operated via remote controlled motor
  • Available in hundreds of mesh fabrics
  • Available in hundreds of acrylic fabric colors
  • Can come with wind sensors
  • Come in a variety of metal frame colors
  • Available in custom sizes )up to 29′ ft wide x 19′ projection)

Why Choose Weathercraft for Sunroom Awnings?

Weathercraft has over 40 years of industry experience. Since our inception, we have served a diverse clientele throughout New Jersey. Whether you are planning to install sunroom awnings for a residential or commercial property, we have got your back. What’s more, we are a factory direct business. This has allowed us to provide stellar services and products at extremely competitive rates. We have a clear understanding that many clients feel safer when they work with a company that allows them to see and experience what they sell before moving forward with a project. That’s why you are welcomed to visit our showroom and evaluate how our sunroom awning products perform.

Next, you can have peace of mind knowing that we handle your project from start to finish. As a full service company, we do not outsource any part of the work. You can always expect quality work to be delivered from us.

Want to find out more on how our sunroom awnings work? Schedule an initial consultation with us today. You can email us at or call us at 201-262-0055.