First impressions are lasting! Among the key things that attract customers to a shop, especially a storefront kind of business, is the general outlook of the building’s structure finishing, and the entrance to be precise. Among the very first things that draw a customer’s eye is the store’s curb appeal, and that is why storefront awnings are so important. Here are some reasons why you should install them:

Brand Advertising

Having beautiful and elegant storefront awnings helps one’s business have an extra edge over the others. The key aspect is to provide a visual outlook that quite literally, stands out among other businesses, making your store hard to miss. Awnings provide sophistication and make customers curious about your shop. In some cities, the type and amount of signage that one is allowed to display in front of the store is closely regulated. With the vast varieties of awnings offered, the company’s logo or contact info can easily and largely be displayed. The best part being that one can advertise from any direction on it.

Aesthetic Appeal

Has a wide variety of custom awning materials, colors, and styles to guarantee that the business premise draws as much gratifying attention to attract and win over customers. They come in various designs and sizes to suit the client’s taste, building and location. Generally, awnings elevate the aesthetic value of the commercial space by beautifying how the place looks. If an awning is structured appropriately on a building, it will definitely create a level of elegance both within and around the block and neighborhood.

Energy Saving & Easy to Maintain

Apart from acting as a shade, having commercial awnings also help in reducing expenses such as cutting cooling costs in half, due to its open-air ambience. In addition, it also enhances the use of natural lighting. This minimizes the instances the use of energy consumption to almost 60%! Also, not only do awnings provide shade and shelter, but it also acts as a shield for the building’s interior and helps lower the cost of maintenance e.g. fading of sofas, carpets and chairs. Awnings are also easy to maintain and their durability speaks for itself.

Bring In the Business

Most hospitality industry businesses such as hotels and resorts use these to provide comfort and shelter to their customers. Some may be seeking refuge from the harsh sun or raging thunderstorm. It can also soar impulse sales, by drawing the attention of somebody who saw your business’ awning and ended up being reminded of something they needed to purchase.  This most occurs to people who might not be from your town, but rather passing through or visiting family or friends who might end up giving you business that might have gone to your competitors!

Get Storefront Awnings in NJ Today!

Before getting storefront awnings, it is best to reach out to a reputable NJ awning contractor to help you design and construct them. Let Weathercraft give you a helping hand today – we are renowned for both our residential and commercial awning services so you can always count on us to make the best impression with awnings!