Most of the time, a sunroom is a new addition to a home where the family can enjoy, not only the warmth of the sun, but also the beautiful outdoor sight. However, many people who own a sunroom can get too comfortable enjoying it that they tend to forget it also needs upkeep. Here are simple maintenance tips to giving your sunroom a little TLC.

Before planning out the whole cleaning agenda, make sure to know the basic safety measures. Since using a ladder will be necessary, use one that is stable and please do not rest it against glass! Better yet, use scaffolding for a safer and more stable platform to clean out-of-reach areas.

Choose The Right Cleaning Agent/Materials

Sunrooms are not built the same. As a rule, make it a point to know the recommendations of a reputable sunroom manufacturer. There are many elements you need to consider like glass, vinyl, fiber glass, steel, etc. You need to ensure that the cleaning materials to be used are going to be safe for different kinds of surfaces.

A basic cleaning combination that works well with most surfaces is a soapy mix of warm water and a mild detergent. Use this with a squeegee to clean the glass parts. A soft and non-abrasive cloth must be used for other surfaces. Stubborn stains and dirt buildup can be removed using safe cleaning agents such as lanolin cleaners, isopropyl alcohol, Naphtha solvents, and other recommended cleaning solutions.

Pressure washers are generally avoided as they can damage the silicone seals and may cause leaks. Again, consider asking for specific cleaning requirements to avoid damaging any surface.

Follow A Cleaning Order

You can choose to work from top to bottom where you have to clean the ceiling glass and frames then move on to the walls. You may also work from the outside in if you prefer to get to the hardest task of cleaning the exterior first. Either way, having a methodical order in cleaning can help avoid going back over already washed areas or missing some parts.

Don’t Forget To Check For Leaks!

Cleaning the sunroom is the best day to check the weather seals to make sure that there are no leaks. The silicone seals should not be loosely fitted and must not have any cracks on them. This step is very important because a leak can cause mold growth that is harmful to your health.

Keep these tips in mind to achieve a thoroughly cleaned sunroom. A well-maintained sunroom is the best way to protect and enjoy it for years.

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