Wanting to add some charming personality to your patio but you are clueless on how to do it? Well, you should not fret about that anymore. All you need to do is to install a custom pergola that can enhance the overall appearance of your backyard, while also adding a place for comfort for you and the rest of the family. Learn more about this residential improvement.

What is a Custom Pergola?

A pergola is somehow used interchangeably with other residential improvements like a gazebo or an arbor. Basically, it can provide your garden the right amount of shade that it needs. This can be customized to fit your overall landscape while also protecting you from the harmful rays of the sun. You can even add climbing plants around the structure’s base to add a more beautiful look that will complement your garden.

Uses for a Pergola

A pergola can be used as a refreshing retreat during a hot summer’s day. Once you add one to your garden, you can use this spot for purposes of outdoor entertainment. You can also extend its function to accommodate your outdoor dining needs whenever you want to. It can also act as a covered walkway, although smaller than commercial walkway covers that you might know.

Designs to Choose From

Using a pergola to enhance your patio will be even made better by the design choices that you have. The choices are influenced by the different architectural structures from all over the world – ranging from those famous Greek columns made from concrete or stone to the coastal influences of California, which is characterized by a vineyard structure.

Materials You Can Choose From when Constructing One

Part of designing a customized pergola is choosing from the different materials available to construct one. Here are your options along this line:

  • If you want a natural and more laidback look for your garden, a wooden pergola will definitely be an added attraction to your outdoor space. This is an economical choice that will not sacrifice the results that you want out of the structure.
  • If you are looking for a cost-effective yet beautiful pergola to add to your backyard space, you can choose to use aluminum as your material for constructing one. The good thing about aluminum is it is highly functional and will not rot the same way as wood does. It is also less likely to rust when compared to steel. With the proper care, your aluminum pergola will last a long time.
  • For those of you who are looking for a sturdy pergola, choosing steel for your material is a good idea. This can also protect you from outdoor elements including the harmful rays of the sun. You can spruce the structure a bit by adding curtains, sheets, and other linens to it. You can even use the structure to shelter your plants from the elements.

Now that you have seen the perks of using a pergola in enhancing your patio, you can also get help customizing that added structure to your backyard. Weathercraft can help you with that so give us a call today!