Covered walkways for schools provide a surprisingly simple solution on a variety of fronts. As we approach the winter season, the expertise of Weathercraft can help you enhance the functionality of your school’s walkways and give your school an easy and elegant upgrade. Meanwhile, these covered structures provide benefit through the remainder of the year, crafting what are safer and more productive school operations all around.

Covered Walkway Systems for Every New Jersey Season

Fall and winter in New Jersey can come with lots of precipitation – rain, snow, and slush. By installing walkway covers for school, you can shield students from the elements as they make their way to school, lowering the risk of cold weather-related illnesses or injuries exacerbated by exposure.  The benefits of covered walkways or entryway structures can be felt during the warmer months as well, providing much-appreciated shade on particularly bright or hot days, and more safe areas in which your students can hang out during breaks or while waiting for the start of the school day.

You will also be providing safer pathways for parents, staff, delivery people, and guests, reducing the amount of shoveling, salting, and maintenance required for those areas. Fewer upkeep activities and expenses may also be great for your budget and allow you to use more of your funding towards school activities and events. Lower risk of slipping and falling also means lower risk of liability issues or costly lawsuits.

Going Beyond Functionality to Elevate Your School’s Aesthetic

A walkway canopy system is a great looking solution to protect from the elements, but it can also make your institution into a welcoming location for tours, seminars, and outdoor events. On a beautiful day, why cram your guests into a stuffy gym or have them wander around your sunlit sports field? Covered walkways can provide an elegant venue for fundraising events, meet-and-greets, and parent nights. The versatility covered walkways bring can enhance the creativity of your school’s event planning, allowing for clever themes and coordinated decoration.

Having a great looking school can also be a source of pride and school spirit. For the most trusted walkway cover installation in NJ, schools can look to Weathercraft. With 40 years of industry experience, our trusted and highly capable technicians can turn your educational institution into a respectable, impressive looking property that students and visitors can appreciate equally. With our consultative approach and extensive expertise, your covered walkway installation will be done efficiently, professionally, and to the highest standards.

Keep your staff, students, and parents protected from the elements. Contact us to discuss which styles may be suited to your facility and browse our image gallery to see examples of our awning company’s past projects.