Patio covers are an excellent way to make your patio and backyard more usable. Patio covers mean that you can enjoy your backyard, whether it is raining or the sun is blazing. There are many different types of patio covers that you can use but all of them are easy to install. Here are some of the benefits that come with installing patio covers.

Temperature Control

Patio covers help keep you home cool during hot summers by reflecting the rays of the sun away from your home. Without these covers, the sun would heat up your home and make it very uncomfortable. By using patio covers, you reduce the possibility of this happening and also, just as importantly, save a ton of money from not having to use your air conditioner as much to cool your house.

Protect Furniture And Structures

Sun rays are harmful to everyday objects that we use on the patio such as wooden and leather furniture. Sun rays cause wood and leather to structurally deteriorate as well as cause their colors to fade. This reduces their lifespan and the faded colors make your patio rather unsightly.  By installing a patio cover, you help protect these items from the sun and thus guarantee a good looking patio for longer.  In addition to protecting your outdoor furniture, patio covers also shield your doors and window frames from weather damage therefore helping you reduce on home maintenance bills.

Make More Use Of Your Patio

By using patio covers, you have access to your patio all year round whether is blazing hot or raining. Adverse weather conditions can force you away from your beautiful patio if you don’t have a cover. Make full use of your extended living space regardless of the time of the year by installing a patio cover.

Raise Your House Value

Because patio covers make your home look more attractive, it means that you can get more for your house if you ever put it up for sale. You can get patio covers in a variety of materials and colors which helps with décor coordination. This assures you of a beautiful house with a well-coordinated decor. The sum total of this is an increase in the value of your house.

Create More Space

Patio covers turn your backyard into a comfortable space that you and your family can utilize. You can use your covered patio for family dinners, barbecues or to simply relax with a good book. Patio covers give you an outdoor living room that you can use to entertain friends and family.

Keeps Insects Away

If you live in a wooded area where there are insects such as mosquitoes, it is often hard to sit outside on your patio or outdoor deck as one keeps being bothered by insects. Having a patio cover allows you to install fans on the patio ceiling which drive away these insects while helping keep your patio cool.

There are many benefits to having a patio cover. If you are thinking of having one installed in your New Jersey home, Weathercraft MFG can help. We have over 40 years of experience installing patio covers for home owners in New Jersey and its environs. Talk to us today and let’s help you get your patio a beautiful cover.