Retractable glass walls are increasingly making an appearance around the country. Home owners are turning to these walls that offer a fusion between the outdoor and the indoor. Glass walls have always been popular with home decor designers because they allow for a fusion of light from the outdoors with the cozy intimacy of the indoors. However, modern home designers have moved this step further by developing retractable glass walls that take this indoor/outdoor fusion a step further. Here then are some of the reasons retractable glass walls are becoming increasingly popular.

More Open Spaces

Retractable glass walls in a home make the space more inviting and open it up to visitors. The ability to see the entire space from the outside creates an inviting openness that makes your visitors comfortable. In addition, retractable glass doors open up the outdoor to those inside giving them unforgettable views that further enhance their experience.

Increased Ventilation

Retractable glass walls give you the best of two worlds by seamlessly blending the indoors to the outdoors. By being able to open and close them, you can use natural air to cool and aerate a room without the need for expensive air conditioning or air fresheners. However, when privacy is desired, the walls can be retracted again, restoring the cozy intimacy of being indoors.

Improved Room Lighting

Retractable glass walls allow you to tap into natural sunlight to light up your house. There is nothing like sunlight streaming in through your open glass wall during summer. This not only has health benefits (natural sunlight is a great disinfectant, helping you rid your home of molds and other harmful microorganisms) but also saves you energy costs that would be otherwise spent lighting up the room.

Improved Space Utilization

The fact that the glass wall can be retracted means that you can use the extra space on the outside as a seamless extension of the room. For example, if you are hosting visitors and you don’t have enough space, you can retract the glass wall and use the adjacent room or even an outdoor deck as a seamless extension of the room. This ability to increase or decrease the size of a room makes it a popular option for homeowners who are trying to maximize space in their homes.

Works With a Variety of Decors

Retractable glass walls work with almost any kind of home décor theme, freeing you to personalize your home as you desire. Whether you are going for a modern interior style, a traditional interior or an industrial interior, retractable glass doors are versatile and blend in effortlessly into your chosen theme.

Energy Efficient

The glass on the retractable glass walls can be customized to ensure that it is energy efficient. Need less heat coming into your house during summer? No problem. Need the glass to retain heat during the cold season? Done. Retractable glass walls give you incredible versatility in style.

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