Do you like getting wet or soaked through with rain? If the answer is no, then it might not surprise you to learn that neither do your customers! We all love attending events, whether that is a fete, a charity event, a party, a sports event, etc., but unfortunately the weather can be so unpredictable and when that happens we need to take cover- fast. One of the most cost-effective and quick ways of offering this kind of shelter is with aluminum walkway covers. There are, of course, other types of canopies available from many different materials, but aluminum is considered to be the most effective, durable, robust, aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective.

10 Key Benefits Of Aluminum Walkway Covers

  • Aluminum is practically a maintenance-free material, so it takes care of itself
  • They do not rust or corrode, making your structure look fresh for years to come
  • Aluminum walkway covers can be designed to fit in with the architectural feel of your building
  • They are protective of whatever they cover, whether that is people or assets
  • They have gutter drainage built-in. This means no messy areas on the roof of the structure with rotting leaves or other debris.
  • High quality and robust structure means they can withstand extremes in temperatures or heavy snow conditions
  • Aluminum walkway covers are particularly popular with schools as they can help to create a more creative play outdoors with a high protection factor
  • Safety from UV rays is a primary concern and our aluminum walkway covers protects the users from harmful rays
  • If you choose to use aluminum walkway covers over the exterior of a classroom or workshop, you can create a cooler temperature indoors without the need for continued air conditioning. This helps considerably reduce your carbon footprint
  • Aluminum walkway covers can create a protective walkway between buildings, protecting your clients or customers from the elements.

Stylish And Practical

Aluminum walkway covers are so stylish and come in a variety of colors to suit your environment. They turn a dull space into an area of attraction, and that can increase revenue, footfall or business. Many sports events choose to have aluminum walkway covers, not only because it extends the playing season; giving shade in summer and cover in winter, but because it is so aesthetically appealing. The price is also much cheaper than trying to convert an interior space to attempt to provide the same amount of protection. To expand indoors you might have the added expense of expansion of an existing space, air conditioning, additional windows, or many other key elements necessary for your business.

Trust Weathercraft For Aluminum Walkway Covers

Design may be your overriding concern, but here at Weathercraft we have been designing and installing canopies and covers for years. We don’t just tell you what you need; we listen to your needs, advise what options are available and help you with any specialist designs you may want. We have more than 40 years of experience and have helped many businesses renew, replace or install aluminum walkway covers.