A sunroom is just about one of the most wonderful guilty pleasures you can find. You can make it into a cozy, functioning room where you can look out onto your garden, enjoying the delights of the great outdoors without exposing yourself to the elements. In fact, you will be able to watch the seasons change all year round from the warmth and comfort of your house. Adding a sunroom enables you to create a modern heated space (for those cold winter months) in which to relax.

Expanding Your Living Space

If you consider adding a sunroom to your house you can be sure the investment will reap dividends when you come to sell it. In the meantime, you can enjoy this space by socializing with friends, spending quality time with family or secreting yourself away from everyone for a little “me time”.

What Type Of Sunroom Would You Like?

There are different types of sunrooms to suit different purposes. For example, a four-season sunroom will be a space that is heated and can be enjoyed all year round. The thermal glass ensures the heating remains inside; protecting you on the coldest of days. Whereas, a three-season sunroom is not likely to have built-in heating but is perfect for those sunny days and can be enjoyed without additional heat from spring to fall.

Is A Sunroom Cost Effective?

Adding a sunroom is more cost-effective than adding an annex or traditional living space to your home. They are stylish with a variety of designs to suit all tastes and budgets. The excellent insulation ensures they are just as robust and warm as an extra brick or stone-built room, but you have the added bonus that the room will let in a lot more light and you have plenty of windows to look out onto your calming garden. In fact, you can vary the view, as a sunroom often has all-round windows. One additional benefit of a sunroom is you can choose some of the more ornamental pot plants to grow inside. Pot plants that do not like too much heat, too much cold, the slightest breeze, etc. Plants that are graceful and full of oriental mysticism, such as orchids absolutely thrive in these conditions.

Custom Designed Sunroom

Not everyone’s tastes are the same, which is why when you do consider adding a sunroom, you should ensure you choose a company with lots of experience and professional craftsman. A company that offers a design service is an absolute must to ensure you get the best out of your investment. The durable nature of the sunroom means once you have it then it will last for years with the minimum of maintenance.

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