Retractable Awning Systems- A Must-Have In Your Outdoor Space

Spice Up Your Yard And Create A High-end Look Using Our Retractable Awning Systems

Not only does a retractable awning system modify your yard or patio into a first-class resort, but it also increases the value of your property. Moreover, these fantastic features incorporate fewer maintenance procedures as well as provide maximum durability. Most retractable awnings come with durable warranties that last for up to a decade. Thus, contact our professionals at Weathercraft Awnings to give your home a major upgrade. We offer free sales consultations; so, consider stopping by our shop and see the wide range of awing designs we offer. We are ranked number one in the industry!

Retractable Awning System Models At Weathercraft Awnings

Awning Components

Square BarRoller TubeArm BracketFront Bar ConnectorsArmsHood Ends

Our awnings incorporate steel square bars that measure 40 x 40mm. Our professionals coat the steel squares with a protective layer of zinc. Afterward, they layer the bar using powder. The bars are responsible for protecting the awning from harsh external forces like the wind. During installation, the awnings get connected with the roof or sidewall using brackets.

Typically, the roller tube robust due to its unique composition. This feature comprises bulky steel, which offers high longevity. In turn, it firmly holds the material in the awing system. The roller tube is also highly resistant to rusting, thanks to its protective zinc layer.

The arm bracket is usually connected to the steel square bar. It also attaches the square bar with the triple spring-loaded arms. At this point, there is an automatic wind lock device that protects the awning from the harmful effects of strong winds.

The arms get attached to the front rail using the front bar connectors. This feature helps to prevent damage to the awning when there are strong winds. What happens is that the connector takes in the entire wind load. Thus, the wind does not enter the awning system; hence it remains in perfect condition.

Undoubtedly, arms are the focal point of every awning system. In particular, our Weathcraft Awning arms contain heavy inner springs, aluminum walls, and weather-resistant cables. Thus, we have the best arms in the market. On the flip side, our folding arms work effectively using three separate antirust cables that keep the fabric in place even when faced with harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, our folding arms have antirust bearings that incorporate less friction and stainless steel bolts.

Last, but not least is our 7’’ aluminum hood end. This feature is often powder coated and contains a rubber shield at the back to make it stay in close contact with the wall. On its front side, there is a drain rail that releases any water build-up from rain. The drain pipe contains end caps that boost its aesthetics as well as offering additional protection.

Retractable Solar Zip Screens Are An Excellent Alternative

Another feature we provide is the retractable solar zip screen. These features are perfect for safeguarding you from the harmful effects of the sun. Unlike the standard retractable awnings, these features provide shade from all sides. Therefore, they prevent you from coming in contact with 90% of harmful sun rays.

Consequently, these fantastic features protect your skin, floors, and furniture from the detrimental effects of the sun. Besides, the solar zip screens allow you to relax outdoors for the whole day as you enjoy breathtaking views.

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