Retractable Awnings on Food Trucks

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Vehicles With Motorized Awnings Are Becoming Increasingly Popular

Motorized awnings on trucks has suddenly become a new trend that’s been taking off across the United States. From Food Trucks to curbside delivery vehicles like health & wellness vans, book mobiles, and especially Ice Cream Trucks! Retractable Awnings have long been a mainstay of the restaurant industry. Motorized awnings allow restaurateurs to maximize valuable outdoor seating while keeping patrons cool and shaded – hence creating a more positive outdoor dining experience for customers.

Retractable Awnings For Vehicles – It’s a Thing!

Awning installers are certainly no stranger these days when it comes to requests for installing retractable awnings onto vehicles. Food Trucks in particular have become increasingly popular in California, Texas, and Florida where the sun & great food trucks are both plentiful. These Food Truck owners enjoy the shade almost as much as the customers do.

Are You Asking Yourself “Why Should I Install a Retractable Awning on My Food Truck?”

A better question, is why shouldn’t you? Retractable awnings are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. If you’re a successful food truck owner, installing a motorized awning is not only a good idea for marketing – it makes practical business sense. As a differentiater Food Trucks with awnings stand out to the lunch time crowd. On hot sunny days Food Trucks with awnings provide shade for customers waiting for their food to be prepared. A retractable awning is also a great way to provide a faux storefront exterior to customers and enhances your business if accompanied with outdoor seating.

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